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alex - boston

"Raj taught me a tremendous amount as a newbie distance runner. He inspired me to really dig deep into my potential and with that I was able to decrease my half-marathon time by almost 10 minutes and confidently train for my first marathon!

Raj truly goes above and beyond; whether it was creating my training plan, providing nutrition strategies or even just sending words of encouragement – I could not be more appreciative to call him a coach! Thanks to Raj I am fully in love with this sport and can’t wait for what’s to come! "

Boston Marathon 2019, New York City Marathon 2019


casey - san francisco

“Even though I live in San Francisco, I was incredibly excited by Raj's enthusiasm, knowledge, approachability, and kindness and know I needed him as my coach. Having a coach to keep me accountable to my workouts has completely transformed my mindset. I've seen amazing progress in the few months of working with Raj and can't wait to see the types of things we'll accomplish together in the future!”

Napa Valley Half Marathon 2019, Ottawa Marathon 2019

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CHRISTINA - new york city

"Raj paced me to my fastest half marathon! I never thought it would be possible in that race, but he kept a nice steady pace at the beginning and then really pushed me in the last miles. He miraculously knew how much I had left in the tank and made sure I made it to the finish line."

Philadelphia Half Marathon 2014, Challenge Poconos 70.3 2015, NYC Half Marathon 2019, Brooklyn Half Marathon 2019


Elizabeth - san Francisco

"I wanted to take the joy I get from running and work towards my lifetime goal of a marathon. I knew that I needed someone to hold me accountable and create a plan because I haven't taken running seriously before.

Coach Raj creates a program that is challenging but obtainable. We connect on the phone weekly to discuss the workouts, how my body felt during the training and plan for future runs. He has been extremely helpful and supportive not only with running and strength training but also finding the right gear and nutrition."

San Francisco Half Marathon 2017, San Francisco Marathon 2019


Jen - new york city

"You won’t find a coach who has the same knowledge, enthusiasm, and infectious passion for running as Raj. Whether it’s race strategy, gait analysis, injury prevention, race fueling, or speed work, Raj’s years of experience and training makes him an invaluable coach. But what sets Raj apart from all other coaches is his genuine care for his athletes.

He’s always there to motivate, listen, support, push, and cheer on each and every one of his athletes. He sets goals for me that I previously thought were unattainable and continues to help me grow as a runner and achieve new milestones I never dreamed possible."

NYC Marathon 2017, NYC Marathon 2018, Berlin Marathon 2019, NYC Marathon 2019


Jess - New york city

“Before I took my first class with Raj I had never run more than 3 miles at a time. But Raj has an incredible way of breaking down a long distance or a big goal (such as running a half-marathon) into manageable parts so that any goal can be achieved. 

Furthermore, Raj genuinely cares about his students and always goes the extra mile (no pun intended)! I once commented my favorite song on one of his Instagram posts and the very next day he played that song in class just to make running 7 miles a little more fun.

Signing up for coaching with Raj was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I couldn't recommend him enough.”

Fred Lebow Half Marathon 2019, Shape Half Marathon 2019, New York City Half Marathon 2019, Brooklyn Half Marathon 2019


Nina - new york city

"Raj is a dedicated, encouraging, and incredibly knowledgeable running coach. With his detailed + personalized approach, he has pushed me to run faster, farther, and more consistently than I ever thought I was capable of! He keeps training plans varied and fresh and has been supportive around recovery strategies when I've faced injuries along the way.

Raj's intuitive knowledge on everything from pacing to form to how to deal with the mental challenges that come with running has helped me achieve new PRs across half marathons and 10ks, but most importantly has given me confidence in my abilities as a runner. I am so grateful to get to work with Raj-- he's truly been an instrumental part of my running journey!" 

Joe Kleinerman 10K 2019, Fred Lebow Half 2019, NYC Half 2019, Lisbon Marathon 2019, NYC Marathon 2020

60 nina.jpg

Noelle - hoboken

"I met Raj through his classes at Mile High Run Club, and his energy and expertise around all things running were evident within the first few minutes of class. He takes the time to understand his athletes and is meticulous in identifying their strengths and areas of improvement, and I find myself to be a perfect example of his impact.

I started my running 'journey' barely able to run 3 miles without stopping. Thanks HUGELY to Raj - like, 99.9% thanks to him, I just listened to what he said :) - I completed the NYC Half Marathon and will be running the Popular Brooklyn Half in May. He makes the impossible seem doable and then coaches you every step of the way to get you across the finish line.

There aren't enough ratings, stars, or frankly, words, to describe how great of a coach, motivator, and inspiration he is. Without him, I wouldn't be running with a fraction of the speed, confidence, or strength I do today. One of a kind. SIMPLY THE BEST!"

New York City Half Marathon 2019, Brooklyn Half Marathon 2019


Rosh - New York City

“I took Raj’s class at Mile High Run Club and was impressed with his energy and enthusiasm for running, which was infectious despite the short 1-minute breaks between crazy intervals! Doing a triathlon has always been on my bucket list and with a milestone birthday coming up, I figured it would be a wonderful way to celebrate life.

Raj has been an amazing coach through this process, being tough on the workouts but so kind and generous with his advice and insight. This race is going to be both a mental and physical stretch for me and Raj has helped guide me in both aspects. Not being an elite athlete, I was hesitant to get a coach but I’m glad I did and I’m grateful that I found someone knowledgeable and patient to help me achieve my goal.”

March Madness Duathlon 2019, UAE Healthy Kidney 10K, New York City Triathlon 2019

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Sam - New York City

"I have high expectations for coaches after working with some of the best during my competitive swimming years. Raj is top notch: he is thoughtful, collaborative, and supportive. He's not only a great source of training guidance, he's also a wellspring positivity and inspiration."

New York Marathon 2018, Brooklyn Half Marathon 2019


Samira - New York City

“I started training with Raj as I wanted to train for the marathon in Rio 2019, safely and with supervision! I had trained for Paris in 2013 and injured myself during it. It's been great working with him. He's not only made me a better physical runner but I am no longer concerned with self-preservation and injuries. He works with you, your needs and schedule to create a flexible plan and doesn't pass judgment with a positive approach to solutions.

Raj has also helped with the mental side too - deciphering when your body can't do something and when your mind takes over with inertia or laziness. Since working with him, I've attended a couple of his classes where it's been helpful to run with like-minded folk and listen to his motivational speeches and stories! I'm grateful we have crossed paths.”

Rio Marathon 2019

Samira 1.jpg



jessie - London

"Raj and I have been training together for 4 years, and his influence and support have only deepened my love of the sport. A few examples: Raj is up for a jet-lagged morning run when you both happen to both be in London for work. Raj will text you before your big race with anxiety reducing tips. I once ate what Raj ate and drank what Raj drank before a marathon and PR'd by 5 minutes.  Raj will celebrate your first BQ with you like it's 1999. Raj is the ultimate running coach!

Berlin Marathon 2014, NYC Marathon 2015, Portland Marathon 2016, NYC Marathon 2017, Paris Marathon 2018, Tokyo Marathon 2019, Boston Marathon 2019


JOON - chicago

"Raj has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in endurance training and his track record speaks for itself. I couldn't think of a better coach as I train for the Indianapolis Marathon. If you are looking for a running guru, then run with Raj!"

Ironman Melbourne 2012, Chicago Marathon 2015, Indianapolis Marathon 2017, Chicago Marathon 2018


JUN - chicago

“Raj helped me achieve my goal of breaking 4 hours at the Philadelphia Marathon in 2014.

He created a detailed training plan for me, ran with me each week, and gave me the support I needed. Raj even ran half of the race with me! And I remember him chugging a beer at mile 24 which I didn't do (but thanks for offering).

Although we live in different cities now, I can always count on him to catch up over a morning run when he's in town. Thank you Raj! You continue to inspire me.”

Philadelphia Marathon 2014


JUSTIN - new york city

"Raj's coaching has been invaluable to me. Whether it be hammering down the specifics of a training plan or building the tools to develop mental toughness on those longer runs, he's been there every step of the way. I certainly wouldn't have BQ'ed and hit my marathon PR without him."

Sugarloaf Marathon 2017, Lehigh Valley Marathon 2017, Spring Chance BQ.2 Marathon 2018, Boston Marathon 2019


Katherine - new york city

“I've been friends with Raj for twelve years.  The first four of those, I was a hockey player.  The next eight have been, with his coaching, as a runner. Raj inspired my brother, my husband, and me to run my first marathon, and since then I've run another with him as well.  The first, Grandma's Marathon, was in my home state of MN and the second, Tobacco Road Marathon, was in NC where he paced me to qualify for Boston. 

My favorite memory during the qualifier was "Dineen - are you a JV athlete or are you Varsity? Pick it up!" He knows what I need to hear.  Between training runs and marathons, Raj has helped me transition from the short-twitch hockey player to the longer-twitch runner I am today.”

Grandma's Marathon 2014, Tobacco Road Marathon 2015


MEREDITH - london

"Raj has had a tremendous positive impact on many aspects of my running. He built my New York marathon training plan in 2015 when I knocked 11 minutes off my previous time. He leads a weekly speed workout run group which helped me break my 5K PR. He also encouraged me to co-lead another weekly run group when I moved to London. I'll be signing up for the London marathon next - thanks to Raj!"

NYC Marathon 2015, Ted Corbitt 15K 2016, Al Goldstein 5K 2017, London Marathon 2020


Rachael - new york city

“Raj is an encouraging, supportive, kind, and incredibly knowledgeable running coach. The first time we ran together as part of our coaching sessions, I was slightly embarrassed because I was such a poor pacer and felt self-conscious about my lack of endurance at the time. Raj immediately made me feel comfortable.

With Raj's analysis, we made important adjustments, and I went on run my first 5k, then 10k, and then half-marathon without ever taking a walking break. My goal of long distance running without breaks was more than accomplished with Raj's help--I also became a faster runner over time. He truly cares about the physical and mental health of his trainees. Raj elevated my running level and love of running. I am eternally grateful!”